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As a user of Magento, you realize how difficult the hunt may be to satisfy all customer needs. To do this, the default ability is just not enough. It is important, however, that clients can discover what they want rapidly and simply by offering a fast and accurate search. The bigger the catalog gets, the harder it is to find the item. In addition, many visitors have no clue what they are seeking, therefore your task is to make as many relevant offers as possible available to them. It works like that: if a visitor is happy, he becomes a client. In addition, such consumers may advise their friends and colleagues. What a solution then?

As you consider this question and try to come up with a solid strategy, we have already made a choice. You may utilize one easy module to raise your web search engine rather than devote time and money to discover new strategies and learn the basics of SEO. And we’re going to teach you how to do it.

A brief look at the module


Before we move into the specifics of each feature, let’s look carefully at the extension. What is it exactly? What exactly? In fact, Sphinx Search is made up of four rolled-in modules. It improves from the user interface to the algorithms. Search results are more informative, and search algorithms are customized to enable users to locate products that the standard Magento cannot find. It also helps visitors typing, navigation and suggestions, enabling them to spend less time on and enjoy your website. Automation makes the whole search process much easier.

If you want to get familiar with particular statistics, you may also study specific reports created by this add-on. This will help you to understand your needs and solve possible problems.

Why do we consider it to be one of the biggest plugins on the market? The reason for this is that it allows you to optimize your searching efforts quickly and sophisticatedly. Due to its amazing search speed and indexing results, the Sphinx Engine sets the module apart from the competitors – over 500 queries a second with thousands of products in the catalog, too. In addition, on all platforms, the engine operates perfectly. One technology may not imagine that so many varied parts can be combined and such excellent outcomes produced.

Main Features

The results from this module are available because they are constantly relevant. The module may be used because the words single/plural, long-tail search, stop words, and synonyms can be used, among other functions. Moreover, this is not the only thing about this add-on you should know about. Let’s learn a little more, therefore.


  • Suitable for shops of all sizes. Three operating modes can be selected based on your requirements: the MySQL functionalities of your store, Installing or installing on a different server on the same Magento server as your shop. The plugin may be utilized with these characteristics to support any company, which is great as it enables you to use the add-on at any stage of your journey.
  • It accepts all languages. You will also be glad to know that no further software is needed for language support. It does not require the use of specific dictionaries, and so the spell corrections are compatible with all languages. Allow the add-on to check your data to provide users with the most accurate rectification results.

Filling in

  • Morphological preprocessors. No matter what word type you pick, certain algorithms will understand what you mean and turn your request into the right form. This accelerates the search process and improves results accuracy. The terms “apple” and “an apple,” for instance, are considered a standardized “apple” form. This indicates that the results of the search for both queries are the same. Sphinx Engine is the default in Russian, Czech, and English. A free module may be installed to increase the number of supported languages.
  • Search for long-tail. This addon allows you to search for hyphens, bits, and other special characters, as described before. It’s quite handy in any store since you can search for an item even if you know only part of the SKU. If a model number is wrong, people will no longer have problems discovering an item. Default Magento cannot handle such sophisticated operations, as you probably know.
  • Stop words and synonyms. In order to discover a certain object you do not have to know its name because the module identifies synonyms and gives you more appropriate alternatives. With over 60,000 items, this integrated synonym dictionary is huge. Like any AI, this ensures proper work. Stop words, except for synonyms, are supported. This feature increases search results accuracy by clarifying requirements. Some words, such as prepositions or articles, are simply not searchable and may be deleted easily. There are already 655 stop words in the pre-made list.
  • Spell Correction. We sometimes don’t know how to appropriately spell a product since what we’re looking for is an issue. But that’s not the case with Sphinx Search! This module corrects errors irrespective of the language.
  • Search for Fallback. In many cases, it may also be quite helpful to provide customers with search results for a section of a sentence if the entire phrase has not worked. This indicates that consumers will get a notice instead of seeing a blank page indicating that no items that correspond to the request have been found, but here are some ideas based on part of the word. This encourages consumers, even if they have not accomplished their aims, to remain and navigate your business.

Technical Side

Technical Side
  • Unlimited search. Searching by a product name is not the most effective way to find what you want. This plugin uses additional filters, such as categories, features, CMS pages, knowledge base, Blog MX, WordPress Blogs, etc. It works with any specific material, in other words.
  • Show first the goods presently available. The significance of attention to detail is understandable. It may appear obvious when you read the feature, but the fact is that ordinary search engines don’t provide such a clear yet decisive response. The add-on gives priority to the goods which are available, push them to the bottom or things that are not otherwise available. This offers your catalog a smooth and timely look.
  • The attributes of your product can be utilized to restrict your search. To extend search options, add the product attributes to the list of possible filters. Let buyers seek a product according to their desired size, color, or criterion. Moreover, the following criteria are used for the search: Linked product SKU, Name of category, related content, Specified option
  • Validator for search. This add-on contains a tool for assessing and validating search results. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your search and any additional search options, such as auto-fill speed. You will always know whether problems need to be addressed with this tool.
  • Separate pages. Of course, without the capacity to build landing pages a strong search optimization tool would not be complete. These sections are designed to help you organize and ensure that consumers get what they want. You may create a separate customized page for each request. Therefore viewers will be routed to a bespoke page instead of being directed to a regular page with a few results.

A few more functions

Reporting Feature

Reporting Feature

Don’t neglect the extension’s reports. What are you going to see here? The reports provided at any moment are as follows: by the most popular phrases or the overall number of search keywords plus interactions.

Keep track of all the important search information and productivity in your present setup to make the most of your business. When ready, organize and export the data from the reports by date and time.

Ultra Fast Search Autocomplete

People can select faster if fast options are provided from a drop-down menu. The add-on provides users with particular suggestions as fast as possible, so that they can examine ideas after only a few letters.

  • The following front end characteristics are also available:
  • The category can be defined
  • To speed up the search you may utilize AJAX
  • Responsive themes can be applied
  • Product image and price in a specific box may be shown

The following parameters can also be configured:

  • The number of characters required for search
  • Searching delay
  • The results for the specific content type


If you and your shop want to become stronger every day, you need Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate for Magento 2. No better plugin can be found on the market – an economical price, outstanding support, a lot of good features, and a lot of positive features make the Mirasvit product a great choice.