Magento 2 Help Desk is what you need

Any online business has a support crew that handles a variety of difficulties and builds a positive relationship with consumers by offering the greatest possible user experience. The support service is your company’s face; it determines how people approach you, and it has a significant impact on your conversion rate, sales, and total revenue. In other words, customer service is a significant and necessary component of every eCommerce business. The difficulty is that the number of jobs assigned to this department might be rather large, causing them to be constantly occupied and unable to address all of the concerns. This leads to perplexing circumstances and strained customer relationships. To avoid this, make sure that your support crew has everything they need to function as quickly as possible.

And this is the task for the plugin we’ll be looking at today. The Mirasvit firm creates custom software to make your workers’ jobs easier and to help you expand your business. Install this plugin to ensure that all of your customers receive the finest assistance possible with minimal effort.

You’ve chosen the best option

the interface

This module enhances one of your store’s most important features: the customer service you give. It has a significant impact on your consumers’ return rate, which is critical. This extension’s features are sufficient to address any support-related issues. You can keep your clients in a good mood while also increasing your store’s efficiency without wasting time thanks to their diverse and effective attributes. Here are a few things to anticipate for your support team: 

  • simpler and faster responses; 
  • a simple editor that allows you to customize your responses for each occasion to suit each user;
  • There will be no more misunderstandings because the module allows you to rapidly divert requests to the appropriate management, saving you a lot of time;
  • fully automated processes for enhanced simplicity; 
  • the ability to allow people to rate and review your services; and customized reports with the most thorough statistics.

The most convenient contact options

It’s critical to allow people to contact your support team even if they aren’t authorized. Many folks forget to log in or don’t have an account. The Contact Us option on the left; the Contact tab with a specific feedback form; and the Help Desk area for registered users are all ways for customers to contact the customer service department.

Flexible settings

Every ticket you receive will be under your complete control. The most relevant information regarding the ticket, as well as the most important action buttons, are found under the General tab: response, set ticket status/priority. choose another department. 

The reply is delivered to the client if the settings are set by default, but it can be altered to go to someone else. What is the benefit of doing so? Customers either don’t know who to contact or are unable to reach the appropriate department/person. Customers may be routed to third-party receivers to communicate with them in private messages or public dialogues with this plugin. 

Select the Other Ticket Tab to navigate from the current ticket to all of the customer’s tickets. You may view a list of all the requests you’ve made here. 

More information about the ticket may be found in the Additional tab, which may be relevant to you right now. Managers can change the subject of concerns and create new categories to make them simpler to find.



Information is critical when it comes to growing your business. An analysis is one of the most effective methods for increasing store production and resolving issues. In only a few clicks, you’ll have all the information you want. You may see the following information with the aid of the module: the number of tickets that have been recently generated and amended; the number of answers and solved tickets; the time it takes the team to manage and handle a problem; Metrics for surveys and response rates.

More comprehensive elements

Your clients can easily fill out their inquiries with the Magento Help Desk add-on, providing you with the most crucial issue-related information! Create new fields and add them to your request form to make tickets as detailed as possible and to make the resolution process go more smoothly. Request that your consumers offer you a cause for contact or anything similar to expedite the process. This option can be found on the following tabs: 

  • a basic form
  • a special menu
  • ticket creating interface
  • a pop-up window

Workflow rules

To enhance compatibility, set your own rules. Workflow rules are the most effective technique to save time and money by automating specific procedures. For example, you may have the module remove requests that haven’t received any responses from customers for a particular amount of time. Here is an example of a useful rule: when a ticket receives a response, its status is updated; if a ticket does not receive a response within a certain amount of time, the customer is notified.

Main Advantages

the history ticket
  • The backend is straightforward to use. The Help Desk MX interface makes managing assistance a snap. In a single tab, the administrator may access all of the issues and critical information. Organizing tickets is a snap with the aid of the filter system. As a result, you may sort them according to date, priority, client, and a number of other factors. If the parameters aren’t sufficient, utilize the keyword search tool to locate the ticket you want. Furthermore, the user interface may be customized to your preferences, which is fantastic. To customize the addon, choose what should be displayed. 
  • Customer satisfaction polls After the case has been closed, inquire about your store’s customer service. This allows you to assess the quality of the service, address concerns, and motivate personnel to achieve the best outcomes possible. Furthermore, such surveys give individuals the impression that they have actual power and can effect change if they are dissatisfied, which is critical in eCommerce.
  • Access. You can manage the permissions of various support departments and managers using the administration interface. This is necessary for effectively dividing duties and managing tasks, as well as ensuring that no one has access to tickets for which they are not responsible. As a result, you may wish to limit access to tickets linked to sales issues for your Sales support team.
  • The user interface is simple to use. Thanks to a straightforward design, any user can simply figure out how to seek help with this plugin. Customers do not have to fill out a long list of forms; instead, they must select the appropriate options for the tickets they generate, such as priority and department. It also allows you to attach files, which is essential if you need to show proof of a problem. This allows the support team to find answers more quickly!
  • Administration of tickets. A simple tab with the history of created tickets allows customers to quickly evaluate, reply to, or close a problem. This is both convenient and time-saving.
  • The conversion process is carried out automatically. The option to attach email accounts to the desk is another valuable feature. All incoming emails may now be converted into tickets. This module recognizes and converts customer emails into tickets, which are subsequently sent to the Help Desk, using complex algorithms. This is especially beneficial if you have many email boxes for different departments, such as technical and sales. Your customer service agents and support employees will no longer be required to log in. 
  • SPAM filtering by preventing spam from reaching your support crew, you may save them from being overworked. Set up specific filters to identify SPAM and discard any messages containing it. You may do this by utilizing the header, subject, and body filters to create a variety of designs. This strategy is particularly advantageous in terms of time savings and increased productivity. 
  • Notifications are sent through email. Send an email to your consumers if there’s something remarkable about each ticket. The plugin allows managers to add unique remarks to any client complaint. As a result, your clients are constantly up to date on the latest information. 
  • Customers contact customer service on a regular basis to return things they’ve purchased. Despite the fact that this is a support issue, RMA requests should be created to help the support staff organize their work. You don’t have to do anything because the conversion is automated. A request is routed to the appropriate extension after it has been transformed. 
  • The basis of all knowledge. Because this isn’t the first Mirasvit expansion, it’s only natural that more will be added in the future. As a result, the Knowledge Base plugin may be used to allow consumers to look for solutions directly from the page where they submit their concerns. Customers do not need to file a new ticket and contribute to the support team’s effort if you have an answer in your knowledge base.


Helping people is the responsibility of any seller. Moreover, this is what every person has to do. In terms of eCommerce, the customer support service is an integral part of success because it defines your relationship with customers, which has a direct influence on the overall productivity. Improve Magento 2 help features using such a great, simple, and affordable extension!