Be faster with the Google page speed optimizer for Magento 2

Believe it or not, loading speed is a very important element of an eCommerce business. It defines customers’ attitudes toward your website and has a great influence on the conversion rate. We all like when everything runs smoothly and with no issues. Besides, the faster your store is — the better Google Ranking it has, which is also extremely essential in terms of building a successful business. So if you want to earn money and be a top-seller, it’s time to think about what you can do to speed up a load of pages. Satisfied customers — is the basis of the business. But do you have time, money, and knowledge to handle it on your own?

If you are the one who seeks a faster, more convenient, and easier way to solve this problem, we have great news for you. One single module can fix all your speed-related issues and make your website become one of the most popular stores on the internet. We bet you are pretty interested in such a great solution, aren’t you? Then let’s get to know more about it!

Speeding up by optimizing images

page speed comparison
  • Image loading is sluggish. It’s worth mentioning that until the pictures on the page are loaded, the default Magento won’t allow you to view it properly. Waiting for photos isn’t pleasant, especially if your internet connection is sluggish. The solution is simple and well-known to you. Use the plugin to delay the loading of pictures. Don’t worry, they won’t encounter a boring website with no content. Everything will be shown normally, but photos will be replaced with unique placeholders. The pictures will continue to load in the background as the user interacts with the site.
  • Images are compressed. The second intriguing statistic regarding photographs is that they occupy more than half of the entire page area. Isn’t it fantastic if these figures were lower? Because Google utilizes the average speed of a 3G connection as a baseline, you may save up to 20% on file size, which is very useful for mobile users. This module is much better because it includes support for all of the most common image formats. For image optimization, Google suggests a value of 85 percent, but you are free to use any value that matches your needs. Increasing the compression rate even further is sometimes a good idea. It is totally up to you, though, to make your choice. Additionally, this plugin allows you to rapidly convert images to the WebP format, which has a considerable influence on loading speed.
  • The WebP format is supported. What is the WebP format these days? It’s a brand-new format that uses less bandwidth while retaining image quality. Because the size of such images is roughly double that of standard formats, this is useful. As a result, wherever possible, WebP images should be used. All photographs on the page are automatically converted to WebP using the Google tool. The Page Speed Score is not particularly high as a result of this conversion and comparison.
  • Preloading images is a good idea. Given the abundance of high-quality pictures that can have a major influence on page rendering on today’s web pages, it’s apparent that we’ll need to find a solution for this as well. Background pictures, for example, might considerably slow down the loading process. This problem is solved by preloading images from users’ devices rather than cloud storage or servers. This approach isn’t groundbreaking, and it works similarly to the others.
  • The PageSpeed Monitoring Tool is pre-installed. Use the Magento 2 page speed test to see how well your optimization efforts are working. This helps you to have a better understanding of the situation and handle difficulties without needing to speed up any more. Allow the plugin to collect the data you need and provide it to you in the most user-friendly way possible. The function works wonderfully on both the desktop and mobile versions.
  • The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a command-line interface that allows you to do things like If you can’t wait for the cron to start, you’ll have to use the command line. The command line may be used to do a speed test, optimize photos, retrieve images, and so on. When time is of the essence, it may be extremely useful.

JS and CSS files optimization

files optimization

Let’s look at what’s causing the loading speed to slow. We’ll know how to fix the problem after we’ve identified it. As a result, we believe it is a good idea to examine all of the most prevalent reasons and how they will be addressed with the aid of this extension:

  • Bundling of advanced JS files. Magento without add-ons has a lot of code in its JS files, which is one of the reasons why it doesn’t offer enough performance to customers. You’ll only load the JS files that are truly required using this module. As a consequence, the overall weight is decreased by seven times, and the number of loaded files is reduced by three times. As a consequence, pages load considerably more quickly. Remember to enable the Merge JavaScript functionality, which is necessary to reduce the number of HTTP requests made while refreshing the website.
  • Files should be moved to the bottom. What additional factors have an impact on your PageSpeed rating? Your score will decrease if you have long loading times and some external resources are preventing page rendering. JS files are placed in the page headers, giving them a higher loading priority than the rest of the content. As a result, viewers must wait for them to load before viewing the rest of the page. When CSS files are utilized, the same thing happens, which isn’t ideal. To solve the problem, the plugin simply transfers these files from the page’s header to the footer. The main page will load faster as a result of these changes, allowing users to reach your website sooner.
  • Minification. As you may be aware, one of the most prevalent reasons for performance issues is the amount of additional code that a website loads. They’re all programmers, writing JS, CSS, and HTML files. To minimize file size, the Speed Optimizer uses a number of sophisticated techniques. Minification is the term for this process. The working principles of this feature are simple: various JavaScript files are incorporated depending on the page type, while excess JavaScript files are eliminated. To minimize the size of CSS and HTML files, unnecessary content such as comments and symbols is eliminated. As a result of this technique, pages load much faster. You may also enable independent minification for any file type.
  • Critical files are being downloaded ahead of time. Important resources, which are also present in CSS and JavaScript files, have the problem of being loaded regardless of whether they are necessary at the moment. This is due to browsers’ inability to predict whether or not specific files would be necessary. Of course, as a result of this, the loading speed will have to change. You may set up loading preferences in the module such that the most critical files are loaded first. This implies that even if further files with a lower priority rate have not yet been loaded, a page can be completely shown.
  • Loading priority. This situation is similar to the one preceding it. When a visitor visits your site via a certain link, he or she causes CSS files to load that aren’t actually needed right now. The rendering of the page comes to a standstill as a result of this. You may simply avoid such situations by using our add-on, which allows you to load certain files in the background after the website has been displayed.
  • Fonts aren’t used, and movies aren’t incorporated. Third-party objects, such as integrated widgets or other things, take a lot of resources, slowing down the loading process substantially. If you don’t hesitate, it doesn’t imply you’ll receive a good grade. As always, the easiest approach to deal with this issue is to load YouTube videos and Google Fonts after the main portions. As a consequence, the page’s functionality may be preserved without losing load time. All background loading is handled by the Speed Optimizer.


Any web page must be optimized in today’s environment. Without appropriate optimization, it is hard to satisfy clients. In addition, not everyone has access to a stable internet connection. This is particularly true when it comes to mobile internet. The add-on is a fantastic choice if you want to not only be the best but also be proud of your company. Check to see if your website is running smoothly and without any lags. You will obtain the highest score and demonstrate to everyone that you are capable of providing the best possible circumstances for your users.