The world of Magento 2 — Elasticsearch

You must realize that nothing in terms of business is more essential than customers. It’s your number one priority. And you must take attention to every aspect if you want to please individuals that come to your store. This is particularly important in such detail as the search. Anyone visiting your website can discover anything here. People may not yet know what they want, but they have to discover it right here and then. You will otherwise lose customers that are totally undesirable to the company. The quantity of clients depends on your sales, which implies that you are able to make a profit.

Therefore you may count on the outstanding module created by a wonderful team of professionals if you wish to make searching simple and fun. You will forget about unhappy consumers and concentrate on other elements of your company. Aren’t you excited yet?

Capabilities of the extension

First things first, it’s necessary to figure out what this plugin is capable of. To be honest, there are plenty of useful ways you can use Elasticsearch. To make it clearer to you, let’s describe the features step by step.

Searching Options

Searching Options

This feature understands exactly what you want because it analyses all the queries and provides users fascinating choices. In order to convince clients to remain, the first page should thus always include material to be seen. You may also regulate the placement of certain goods on the website yourself after making a specific request.

Another important element to consider is morphology. People might make mistakes, which would not result in search results, which is unfortunate. This is quite unsuitable. The plugin benefits from advanced technology to provide you with similar searches that are morphologically appropriate.

Now, let’s meet the ways of searching this plugin opens to you:

  • There are additional alternatives available. For whatever reason, at this time you may not have the needed goods in stock. The module delivers the most comparable results currently available to prevent upsetting clients looking for this item in particular.
  • Applications that are in some manner linked. Another way to make a solid choice is to display what other customers enjoy similarly. This collection of similar queries can be used as a consumer guide.
  • A choice of languages can be selected. It must also be stressed that all characteristics are an agnostic language. This ensures a highly customizable foundation for the Elasticsearch add-on.
  • Code. Look for products with uniquely symbolic codes. The procedure is accelerated as Internet users may look for SKU and ISBN products.
  • Words in a throng that come out. Another characteristic that helps buyers to locate exactly what they want, while their request does not fully match the items. Simply create a list of phrases to enhance the accuracy of your search.
  • Autocorrection. Without this plugin, all misprinted requests are ignored. In the meantime, the module automatically corrects any incorrect term, guaranteeing the best outcomes for consumers.
  • Google Sitelinks Search Box. This feature lets people find your store straight from the Google page, which is extremely helpful in terms of overall conversion rate.
google searching results

Save you time with auto-filling

Auto-filling lets consumers complete searches considerably faster and saves considerable time. The addition, which envisages future purchases, is advisable for customers to select one of the several alternatives. The TypeAhead function analyzes the most popular requests in the shop as consumers type a product name, so they can make the best decision. Elasticsearch users have access to a fast mode. What are the advantages of this feature?

  • Easy to use. Choose the kind of information to be found in the search results.
  • A wide choice of materials is essential. This search returns not just product names, but other information as well. For instance, it is easy for users to find the relevant page.
  • People’s popular searches. This lets everyone see what the vast majority wants. Use the top search charts for your special offers or the most popular products.
  • It is ready for mobile use. In today’s environment, compatibility is usually a big benefit. Mobile devices are far more common than PCs. This functionality is therefore quite helpful in mobile versions.

Find exactly what you need

Any material that appears in the web version of your shop may be found. If it does exist, you may search for it, in other words. And this makes shopping on the internet much easier and more enjoyable for any user who visits your website. For additional details, a list of possible genres of content is provided below:

  • Plugins are available from third parties. This module can also scan the content of other systems and plugins. You can use additional plugins to achieve better results by combining the possibilities of Magento and other sources. 
  • You have generated this content. Connect data sources that your customers believe may be helpful. This content is displayed as a consequence of the addon in the search results.
  • All product characteristics are considered throughout the search process.
  • All matching categories can be viewed by customers.
  • Through the addon, customers may also view the values of the selected attributes.
  • It generated pages for the CMS. All pages corresponding to the request are presented, in addition.



Thanks to the speed of the foundation engine, customers may locate items in milliseconds. This is good for your company since its effects on customer satisfaction and volume of sales are important. The package currently has the following components as far as speed is concerned:

  • Navigation layers are available. This plugin speeds things up and prevents the overflow of the servers, contrary to a MySQL request from normal Magento, which is sluggish and takes a lot of resources.
  • Scaling. A distinct technique is required for large catalogs and high-traffic websites. This add-on uses a cluster to manage data on several servers that enhance the functionality of your online business.

Other advantages and reasons to buy

a mobile version of the search

What is the Magento Elasticsearch module? This is a set of benefits with the default functionality you will never have. This is important to know the product’s potential before it is purchased. So why aren’t all the strengths described? It could be a bit tricky because we all have different views, but let’s make it clear the most apparent.

  • Reports. Data collection and analysis of your company – one of the key success components. With analysis, the changes may be predicted and methods to avoid issues can be found. That’s why this plugin provides the information you need such as the most often used search terms or the top search results. It might enable you to change your settings for better results if you know how many requests and clicks you have.
  • Redirecting. How might the last destination be more important? If users can’t reach the correct place—to your business, it would be terrible. All 404 error pages are managed to allow your potential customers to never view a page. All users are instantly routed to the given URL instead of arriving at the wrong spot. Usually, this page features similar products that keep customers staying and browsing your business. Not just your time but a lot of money is saved by this technology. Furthermore, if you search for a single result, this add-on delivers users to the appropriate spot.
  • Multiple pages. You may construct different pages with their own information which appear the same in order to improve SEO. This is needed more readily to regulate the flow and maintain the product catalog. For instance, for certain requests, you may design pages where only related goods are displayed. A fantastic feature may be employed in a number of ways. In order to facilitate the usage and operation, landing pages are comfortable and helpful. But beware and constantly make sure that these sites don’t get jumbled.


There is a lot to talk about regarding online stores and eCommerce in general. And if we are talking about such a business, it’s impossible to omit the search features. The possibility to find the necessary product is one of the leading possibilities for your online customers because there are no assistants or someone like them on the website, and people have to do everything on their own. In other words, searching has to be quick, simple, and user-friendly to make customers happy. Otherwise, you will lose your clients and money, which is totally unacceptable. With Elasticsearch, you can level up any store and provide users with anything they want. Moreover, it’s an inexpensive and very reliable solution that will suit businesses of any size. So if you are planning to become a market leader, this plugin is a must-have for you.