Magento Related Products — Offer What People Need

All sellers are in a constant search for ways of increasing sales and making their enterprises grow. However, it’s not enough just to force people to buy more — you also have to make them be happy about it. How to achieve this? We know a good method that can satisfy both sides! The point is that people don’t always know exactly what they need because they may just not know yet about such things. And your task is to tell them about items they may find useful. Whenever a user buys something in your shop, it’s a good idea to show him or her what else can be a great compliment to this purchase. Thus, both of you benefit from such a deal: a person obtains something necessary, and you get more profit. Doesn’t it sound great?

And while you are busy thinking about potential opportunities, we want to make you familiar with a plugin that really can handle this task. Just install a little add-on for Magento 2 to feel rest assured that your customers are supplied with everything they need. No complicated setup, no compatibility issues — just pure joy of use. Are you interested?

Capabilities of the plugin

related products

As previously said, this tool will encourage your customers to buy more goods, resulting in more profits for you, which is essential for any business. Magento’s basic capabilities are insufficient to fulfill most people’s needs. Furthermore, everything must be configured manually. Including related products and keeping them up to date on your own is difficult. It also annoys you, making it difficult for you to focus on other important issues. This may take hours if you have a huge catalog, which is unacceptable.

The add-on guarantees that your website works quickly and without issues by automatically doing all you need: cross-linking relevant goods, buying them, and assessing them. The research takes into account the number of views/clicks/orders as well as overall revenue.


  • Cross-selling and up-selling increased revenues; 
  • Customizing offers enhanced conversion rates; 
  • All resources are optimized, and clients are kept engaged;
  • Actual stats are available to examine.

The most important nuances you need to know

Related goods are nothing new in the world of eCommerce. And, first and foremost, you must understand what we’re talking about in order to grasp the working principles of this module and the potential benefits of using it. That’s why we’ve decided to gather as much data as possible on add-ons and suggestion systems in general.

Innovative algorithms

As you may be aware, today’s world is extremely fast-paced, and individuals are prone to rushing anywhere, at any time. That is, they do not concentrate on the same thing for a long time. In order to prevent losing our diligent clients and increase income, we must also keep them interested. This means you only have one shot to deliver the finest product possible. Fortunately, the extension we’re working at right now is capable of determining the correct related item for each query. It also includes options for designing adaptable providing algorithms, allowing you to acquire true Magento automated linked goods without any hassles or specific knowledge. Here’s an example of a parameter that may be customized:

  • Other customers’ behaviors. Algorithms may be modified based on what people buy or watch with a certain product, for instance.
  • Purchases made before. This creates a link between the currently selected and previously selected objects.
  • Filtering rules for a product.
  • The sorting rule for a product



Nothing is feasible without a robust analytics foundation. This is how you’ll be able to see your present problems, anticipate new ones, and get a deeper grasp of the business. Fortunately, the plugin provides you with all of the information you want to comprehend the present situation. Customers’ responses to your proposal, as well as their behavior and other information, are presented here. All of these data may be useful in fine-tuning the add-on to achieve the best outcomes.

Related Products Block

You’ll need a particular block with connected goods if you’re running an online store using Magento. To put it another way, a collection of items that should be bought together. A consumer will see such a block, for example, while visiting a product page.

It’s critical to give relevant items to your consumers in order for them to buy more, which will boost your sales.

To prevent frightening buyers away with irrelevant alternatives, make sure the suggested product compliments the chosen item well enough. It’s not good when a business tries to sell you something you don’t need. On the other hand, it appears to be really enjoyable when you have solid, personalized solutions

related products on the orders history page

Where can I get similar products? Assemble the block with the necessary components so that it may be shown wherever.

  • A page for a product
  • A page dedicated to a certain category
  • The shopping cart
  • A page for customers’ accounts


You should be aware of various social factors, such as price, in addition to the technical side and functioning principles. As a result, this great add-on is reasonably priced. Allow us to explain why we feel this is a good deal, despite the fact that it appears to be a high price. To begin with, the community edition is reasonably priced, which is true. You also get more than just the module when you click the buy button. You’ll get 90 days of fantastic support for free, as well as free lifetime updates and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, the product’s quality is acceptable, and you will receive all necessary manuals and documentation.



Q: Why Related Products are important?

A: First things first, this module helps you earn more money. Besides, good suggestions also have an influence on customers’ loyalty, which is essential in terms of retaining customers and attracting new ones. This is all needed to increase the productivity of your business and become a market leader.

Q: Is this extension using block caching to guarantee that blocks aren’t entirely loaded on each block view?

This plugin utilizes indexes for general rules and then applies a filter to the current product depending on the indexes. For shops with tens of thousands of goods in their catalog, the block creation time is rapid even without a cache. The cache can still be used for certain items. The block output is provided from the cache in this scenario, rather than being reprocessed each time it is viewed.

Q: Is there any way to try the product?

A: Sure! You can try a great demo that can be found on the official web page. This is a perfect way to understand why you need this tool and why it’s considered a good one.

Q: Does it work with GraphQI?

A: Yes, it’s absolutely compatible with this language. However, you have to install one more extension to enable this option. The add-on is free to download, so you will have no complications. The support team is always up to help you with this, which is also great.

Q: Does default Magento include related products?

A: Yes, Magento’s default functionality offers similar items options to customers in order to boost sales. They are inefficient and take a long time to finish, according to the argument. You’re not going to make a lot of money doing this. As a result, you should utilize this add-on if you want to fulfill your goals and build a lucrative internet business.


This Magento Related Products module performs a simple but important function that has a big impact on your business. It’s amazing how a seemingly insignificant element can have such a big influence on total productivity and income. We recognize that because it looks to be weak in functionality, you may not consider this extension to be notable in contrast to others on the market. However, we assure you that this is not the case. By investing a small amount of money today, you may ensure a profit tomorrow. People spend more money on related items than on the items they originally intended to purchase. This plugin is a must-try if you’re a seller looking for interesting, inventive methods to grow your business. Don’t waste time and money on things that can be completed by someone or something else!