Magento 2: Affiliate Marketing

What is an affiliate? It’s not just a partner — it’s a way to develop your business and earn more money without even putting a lot of effort into it. Good affiliate programs bring profit to many worldwide companies today. The only problem is that it’s not that simple to run a decent program on your own. This means that you will have to hire pricey specialists if you want to let someone else sell your goods and make this process profitable. Such a situation is not pretty affordable for many sellers, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses. Although Magento doesn’t provide its users with enough possibilities to start an affiliate program, this platform lets you install additional plugins that can widen the range of capabilities and give you what you want. So what should you do?

We have found a great solution that was created by Mirasvit. A very convenient, user-friendly, and cost-efficient module that can handle such a complicated task. Just install it and you are good to go. Do you want to know a bit more about it? Then let’s go. 

The benefits of the extension

We believe that informing you about the benefits is the best way to demonstrate that something is good. As a result, we’ve decided to start by explaining the benefits so that you can see why you should keep reading.

  • The most popular affiliate perks are available at your shop.
  • The flexibility to establish retirement limitations in a number of different ways.
  • Members that think beyond the box have greater chances.
  • The earning rules are visible to members at a glance.
  • The commissioning method is thoroughly illustrated.
  • Automate affiliate promotion to take it to the next level.
  • Cash can be withdrawn from an affiliate’s Store Credit Account.
  • You and your affiliates have access to the transaction history at all times.
  • Take over withdrawals if required.
  • The capacity to provide commissions or discounts on certain items or groups of commodities.
  • Customers may now participate in profitable initiatives!
  • There are four different forms of software: Pay By Sale, Pay By Click, Pay Per Lead, and Pay By Print.
  • Link, banner reference, widget reference, and coupon reference are the four options for placement.

Features and working principles

the dashboard

It’s now time to look at the features, which are the most fascinating and significant aspect of any extension. We divided the features into many blocks based on their requirements. You’re relieved to discover that this plugin is both difficult and useful!

Special tools for promotion

  • Pay-per-sale scheme An associate receives a commission for every order placed with a proposal. You can only pay commission on high-margin items, and you can only pay commission on particular products, for example.
  • Program Pay-per-click. Each visit made through an affiliate link, banner, or widget earns an affiliate a commission.
  • Pay-per-lead scheme An affiliate gets paid a commission for each lead action, such as a sign-up or newsletter subscription.
  • Pay-per-printing services are available. An affiliate is assigned to a committee based on the number of banner views.
  • Programs that aren’t visible. The amount of people who see your banners determines how much an associate is paid. You may manually build and assign hidden programs to certain affiliates. All affiliates are immediately assigned to all visible programs.
  • People who share shared interests form groups. Different sorts of enterprises can be classified and various commissions or programs assigned to them. You may assign affiliates to various membership categories in a couple of seconds.
  • This is a reference link. Each affiliate receives a unique code as well as a connection to your brand. The affiliate’s traffic and orders are tracked using the code in the link through the extension. The affiliate is shown the amount of payment for each of its unique referral links. Information is given for each Magento affiliate program in which they participate.
  • Banner with references. In the admin interface, you may design several banners for different landing pages. Then you may use these ads on your affiliate website to refer to the traffic or orders in your business.
  • Widgets for referring others. Affiliates can’t alter banners, but they can change widgets! Size of the editorial, title, quantity of commodities, product category, and so on.
  • A discount for a recommendation. Coupon. For referred orders, an affiliate can additionally provide a special promo code. Depending on the restrictions in the shopping cart, coupons may give varying discounts.

Technical side


The Affiliate plugin places the most important data right on your dashboard! Take a peek at:

  • Affiliates who have been active in the last week
  • Visits from all affiliations
  • Revenue Charges
  • Affiliates in the top five
  • Most recent action

Access important information when you need it

Using the backend interface, you can simultaneously add banners and track statistics. The following are the parameters:

  • Click Number
  • Many impressions
  • CTR Banner

This is the most effective method for identifying and resolving problems, resulting in increased overall production and profit.

No complications upon withdrawing

  • Withdrawal is a necessary component of any affiliate program, and it is critical to ensure that there are no future issues and that the withdrawal process is seamless and easy. What are your options for cash withdrawal? PayPal. Skrill. Store of Credit (A further extension is required.)
  • The procedure was well-defined. Clear. There are four withdrawal statuses to help customers keep track of what’s going on: pending, accepted or denied, and completed.
  • The smallest amount that must be removed You can set a minimum withdrawal amount. As a result, if this condition is met, a member is eligible to withdraw.
  • History of retirement. This solution is quite flexible, allowing you to examine withdrawal history and even withdraw manually in the background!

Balance and transaction history

Your affiliates will have a clear and transparent transaction history thanks to the Affiliate extension. Without the risk of hidden fees, account activity, or illicit withdrawals that go unreported and unregistered with one of Magento’s top affiliate networks, you may export transaction history as CSV and Excel XML files.

  • The Commission’s Workflow Check to see if the add-on will be charged a commission. Only legislation should be used to do this. You may also cancel fees in the same way if you want to.
  • Holding the Commission’s time. You can choose to keep a transaction open for a specific amount of time. For example, till it’s checked.



Q: What are the rules for purchasing? Does it matter if a customer is logged in or if a guest account is used?

A: To answer this question, you must first grasp the plugin’s working principles. The goal is to utilize a special offer to attract new customers to an affiliate. This shows that a transaction was completed with the help of a certain connection/voucher. As a result, unregistered users are unable to complete the commission and procedure utilizing the module. Those who clicked on the link, however, will remain.

Q: How can I delete a participant from my program?

A: Current customers can’t be kicked out of the affiliate program right now. Our extension connects long-term consumers to affiliates when you click on an affiliate link or use a discount. After then, the affiliate will be paid commissions on all further purchases involving the consumer.

A business owner may use the plugin to assign all of the shop’s current users to their membership account. Existing clients are unable to use the link given by another affiliate. This affiliate is only linked to new customers.


Without a doubt, this extension is the best way to get started with the Magento 2 affiliate program. And if you care about your business, you’ll have to put this module to the test to see whether you’re ready to advertise it and make more money, otherwise, there’s nothing to discuss. Furthermore, the cost of this module is modest, and it is likely less than the cost of third-party services. A good investment is always valuable, and as a business owner, you should be aware that you require this investment. Because of Mirasvit’s politics, you will also receive fantastic perks such as a money-back guarantee and 90 days of free assistance. Furthermore, any updates that are often released are available for free for the rest of your life.