The best SEO suite for Magento 2

If you’re doing anything on the internet, you presumably want to make it as easy as possible for others to learn about you. Especially with online stores, where the amount of time and effort necessary to locate your catalog has a direct impact on your productivity and overall profitability. In other words, search engine optimization is a critical component of any website, particularly an online business. However, without adequate knowledge, figuring out all of the technical intricacies of SEO is quite difficult. This means you’re more inclined to either pay for expert assistance, which is expensive or handle everything yourself, which is time-consuming. In other words, if you want to run a successful firm without problems, views aren’t all that fascinating.

Allow yourself to be happy since we have a wonderful answer for you! Install a unique add-on that can solve all of your issues and become well-known among internet users. By selecting the appropriate settings, you will be able to swiftly attract new clients, earn money, and increase the productivity of your business! So, let’s figure out where to start.

What’s inside?

Handy SEO Toolbar and Custom Templates

The SEO Toolbar is a fantastic tool for optimizing pages in real-time. This interface contains all important variables, eliminating the need to utilize the search feature to find them.

The toolbar will also inform you whether or not you have an issue and how to resolve it. As a result, you’ll have extra time on your hands.

the toolbar

This module allows you to alter meta-data patterns. If a page doesn’t have any meta-data, it will be filled in automatically. They will not be changed in relation to the tags you already added. Tags can be added to many types of pages using the established patterns.

Variables may also be used to filter away unnecessary data in your templates. Prioritizing your templates is a fantastic choice. Furthermore, any unwanted holes and tags may be immediately removed. That’s a significant amount of time saved for you! The SEO suite Magento plugin is really useful. Adding essential information and rules is all that is required to tweak this module.

Another useful feature is the ability to customize these pages. To change the metadata of specific sites, use the Rewrite Manager. The changes are applied to the templates.

Customize your URLs

It’s critical to pay attention to how your URLs look. This suite allows you to clean and read unnecessary parts of a URL, as well as rewrite the entire URL. It might potentially be removed. The selections are adequate to offer the finest URL optimization outcomes.

You can also use alternative tags. Pages with several versions or canonical tags, for example, are used. Without these markings, some versions may be considered duplicates, which might result in a penalty. Alternative, hreflang, and «next and prev» are three additional tags you may use. If you want users to visit a different version of your site, the first step is required. The second is similar to the first, but it is linked to a multi-language framework that allows visitors to quickly find the proper version. The final two tags are needed to avoid breaking the order for the series of pages.

Another tool that makes it easier to manage SEO tasks is redirecting management. When a URL is changed, the search engine must redirect people to a new page, which is an important element of SEO. This is required to maintain a previously achieved search ranking.

Crosslinking and advanced sitemaps

You can easily utilize cross-links using this module. There is no tough work for you to complete other than selecting the connecting parts; the module will take care of the rest. Cross-connections can be beneficial in a variety of situations. For example, if you want search engines to understand your website’s structure without difficulty.

Regarding sitemaps, there are a few possible options:

  • HTML. To make the best map, enter the needed parameters.
  • XML. Google optimizes your XML sitemap, inserts and eliminates unique file links, and tags and names your product photos automatically.


High search rankings are beneficial, yet they are insufficient. Users should be provided enough information in the results to keep their attention. In this case, snippets are crucial. As a result, the module provides appropriate, rich snippets with a variety of facts, allowing users to learn more right away.

To make navigation easier, breadcrumbs can be added to the search results. Any search engine will be able to better understand the page layout as a result of this.

Because navigating across your website to get this information might be difficult, the search results should also include your contacts. Especially when it comes to mobile browsing. It also makes your store more respectable and private to potential customers. This article is, fortunately, simple to read. So, if your CTR search has increased, why aren’t you going to do that?

Last but not least, there’s social media CTR to consider. If you want to make your pages seem beautiful when they’re shared on Facebook, for example, use this module to add Open Graph tags.

Quick Start

Quick Start

Here are a few simple steps you should follow to start fixing your SEO-related issues after installing the module:

  • The first thing to consider is the built-in editor.. Create meta-data for your pages with advanced customization and flexibility. To change specific tags, use the Rewrite Tool. This allows you to alter several pages and accept certain changes despite the fact that a template prioritizes the rewrite tool.
  • Configure snippets to provide potential customers more information about your product and company as a whole. This allows every user to learn more about your store directly from Google.
  • To eliminate 404 error pages for customers, make sure everything is set up correctly. Create an extension instead to direct users to where they are required.
  • If you want a more sophisticated solution for your website, use Autolinks to set up cross-linking.
  • To complete the approach, keep an eye on your map and be ready to boost your website’s popularity.

Why should you buy it?

Because clients always select a packaged extension at a reasonable price, Mirasvit’s modules offer a broad range of capabilities that truly perform effectively. Anyway, describing the benefits is pointless if you don’t know the facts. Let us start with the positive aspects of the transaction. Here are some factors that may influence your decision:

  • Search engine rankings. It’s no secret that the initial step on Google or any other Internet search engine is critical. The usage of specific metadata, which is specifically suited for humans and search algorithms, may easily boost the site’s search ranks. Advanced snippets can also be quite beneficial.
  • Cost-effectiveness. As previously said, the Magento 2 extension is much less expensive than hiring an expert. Simply go through the module options to discover what you’re looking for and how you may achieve your objectives. The SEO toolbar may also be used to monitor the status of your present optimization level.
  • You will save a significant amount of time. Simply select the appropriate parameters and begin enjoying the performance right now. If you need greater effect, certain patterns are available for your convenience. As a result, using meta tags does not cause any hassles or problems. Everything can be set up in a matter of minutes!


If you ask us to like this module, the answer will be obvious. This Mirasvit’s advanced SEO suite is without a doubt one of the most powerful extensions available. According to many sites and other extensions, it is one of the top places. It has a lot of useful features that are easy to use and provide a lot of benefits at a fair price. The argument is that, when compared to the fees paid to SEO professionals, the cost of this plugin is significantly less in the long term. Such a prudent investment can pay you handsomely in the future. If you want to help your company grow, this module is a must-try. So, instead of waiting for a miracle, use the Mirasvit add-on to get everything under control!