Magento: Advanced Reports and how to use them properly

The more you are aware of — the more you gain. For nearly every circumstance in your life, this is a rule because knowledge is a foundation for success. This is why all the details and nuances of a phenomenon need to be identified to be good. So it’s the same for the company. With respect to internet businesses, whether or not you please your customers is essential. This includes many elements, for example, the number of products sold, shipping, most successful locations, etc. In other words, statistics are always important for keeping your light on and improving. But handling all these subtleties on your own sounds quite complicated. Furthermore, you should be aware, as a Magento user, that the default functionality does not allow users to accomplish this. That leads us to think about how we can fix a problem.

We have a wonderful answer for you if you struggle with a circumstance like this. A small addition can alter all in just a few seconds and provide you with the required facts. You may view several reports and check how things move in the most convenient way in real-time with the use of this plugin. These in-depth analytical opportunities allow you to identify your shortcomings, forecast possible hazards and develop a plan to enhance your business. Let’s learn more about the answer that we provide, thus!

The Main Feature — Advanced Reports

Main Feature

The key aspect of analytical reporting is that all the information you need to increase overall productivity and sales is provided in these reports. Unlike Magento’s core functionality, this plugin uses all data and even data that are not available without add-ons, so you can view the newest data and statistics. In all eCommerce companies, this is a must. Therefore, just what are these documents? It’s easy to learn how to use it because it’s essential and features a number of pre-made reports that suit all your needs. You may look at your sales, orders, and customers from a variety of perspectives. You constantly know the improvements you need to make. This means there is also an excellent chance for you to learn more about your sales in certain locations. This function implies that you may click on each region to get a unique, dynamic virtual map. You can change the map as necessary if you need to look at smaller zones. Country filtering is the ultimate single feature that provides you with an overview of sales, transit, and customers, important for your business,

Build Personalized Reports

Templates were not the limit of the extension options. If you want something unique, you can easily build a report using the integrated tool with a user-friendly design and practical properties. You have full control of what you want to view, so that you may organize everything exactly how you want. There are distinct secrets in each shop and each method has its own. You may simply copy one of the previous reports and change the parameters to produce a specific report. You may adapt analytics to your particular requirements with this degree of precision by adding the sophisticated Magento Advanced Reports extension. And this is how you can alter existing templates to create brand new reports for your necessities:

  • Choose sales depending on a number of criteria. You can, for example, pick two dimensions to track your sales and inventories in general. You may use the SKU to search for and track what you want, which is one identifier for every item. If you want to find out more about a certain item. In this case, the second dimension is the number of orders. In this method, you will observe how often some products and the specific quantity of goods purchased in various orders have been purchased.
    If you utilize data and customer group filters, sales or customers who buy your goods can be filtered within a particular time frame. This allows you to better understand your clients and makes you feel better or worse. What’s your best season? Who spends more money throughout the week, and who wants to spend more on the weekends? These strategies can help to improve sales by a factor of 10.
  • Report on Total Costs. If you need to calculate total income throughout a time, you may categorize the items according to qualities and pick from a variety of options. This may be incredibly beneficial in a variety of circumstances.
  • Items have been removed. You don’t have many goods and you can’t meet your customers since you don’t have a lot to sell. This might lead to a drop in sales, which leads to money loss. This report tells you when rehabilitation is necessary.

Additional features

ditional features

Of course, the greatest approach to make up one’s mind about what you are able to attempt — is to try. But because you know the product and why, we think it is the ideal way to convey its capabilities and allow you to think about it. So, what must this add-on show us? A lot of useful features are available, so let’s look at them from the most essential to the least:

  • Interactive, useful dashboards. This Report Plugin allows you to customize your dashboard so that you can track the information you need as quickly as possible. If you want to build a dashboard more personalized, you may modify the widgets. This saves a lot of time and is extremely cost-effective. The advanced dashboard provides more pertinent information than the basic dashboard. Also, without administrator access, you may share the dashboard, which is a fantastic feature. Just connect to a dashboard where you may see whatever you desire.
  • Multi-dimensional clustering. You may now categorize your data to build tables in dimensions according to your selections. This function improves the operation overall and enables you to focus on more essential activities. In the basic Magento version, users always lack the option of entering data without the use of extra plug-ins by select parameters.
  • New columns. Although the number of standard columns is sufficient for most tasks, the flexibility to add new columns is far higher. The columns you manufacture can also calculate numerous extra columns that you want. Use XML setup to add a column. 
  • Viewing options. In the add-on, users may also modify and guarantee that the greatest experience is provided. The histogram and other charts may be selected. You may utilize columns for category display. You may also give all transactions the status, which makes it easy to track things.

Ready for mobiles

Ready for mobiles

Today, we all use mobile phones, from communication and pleasure to commerce and business for various purposes. The mobile business has made considerable development in recent years and simplified our lives. Big PCs are no longer necessary to monitor the news. There is a reason to optimize fairly every mobile device, including the plugin we are talking about. You may read your smartphone reports for an outstanding advantage. This is a crucial feature for those who are always on their go. You may access dashboards by scanning QR codes with your smartphone camera. You may rest confident that important updates or something like that will not be missed.


In conclusion, we would like to provide some information regarding the advanced reports for Magento 2 that we reviewed today. The upgrade is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing. It’s basic yet powerful at the same time. The various options and the amount of personalization are amazing. These extensions are a lot of fun to use since you may modify them to your needs. You need to know all about sales, customers, your product, and everything else in order to develop your business. This plugin is a program that provides you without any issues or delays in the required format. The price is also low, as not only a strong tool is supplied, but also 90-day free support, money-back guarantee, free upgrades, and others. We must warn you of considering compatibility. Many don’t consider this element, so be sure you don’t have any difficulties.