Try Magento advanced product feeds for the sake of better promotion!

In terms of eCommerce, there are a lot of various aspects and nuances that you should take into consideration to achieve success and reach your goals. One of such things is the accuracy of your «aiming». If you want to hit the target, then you must be sure you’ve done everything to prepare well enough. For online stores, aiming — is promoting your goods properly to the right people. Having a good range of goods is only half of the work because you have to show your items to as many potential customers as possible. Besides, it’s better to choose the right categories of clients to increase the conversion rate. How is it done? To promote products with the help of Magento, users create special product feeds and upload them to marketplaces where people can find your items as a result. The point is that it is complicated to create good feeds with the standard Magento functionality without the necessary knowledge. Even though you know how to deal with this, it still costs a lot of time, which is not affordable in terms of making money and improving your business.

Don’t worry, with the help of this plugin, you can handle everything in a few simple clicks. Automating processes, such as creating and uploading feeds, will give you extra peace of mind and a great amount of free time to take care of other important moments. Besides, the quality of these feeds will be much higher! So if you are ready to make yourself a bit more familiar with the solution we offer to you, let’s continue together. 

Main Features

feed general

You may forget about the difficulties of generating and sending feeds to multiple search engines. From over 50 templates, you may pick or build on your own personalized feed. The add-on helps potential consumers to identify exactly what they want when they seek it in your company.

The system of filters

Filtering is a major feature of this add-on. That is to say, there are amazing options. Consider all parameters of the available elements and select a parameter to be used as a filter. Example the possibilities for filtering. You may pick items in the feed that you like to promote in a specific market so that you can select products. You can manage the company you need to expand with this freedom. Filtration is needed to emphasize the most important aspects. This is what is important to individuals in general. This may be used in several ways: return the parent product value. You can use variables, such as stock number, for instance, to track products.

Special reports for analytics

Special reports for analytics

Don’t ignore a vital eCommerce business component as well. The specific tool may provide you with information on any of your feeds during a given period of time. You may, for example, study your feed conversion rates and assess what you can do to improve output. It is not difficult to monitor your product streams with its basic, straightforward design. To keep a watch on the information concerned, use the filter system. Select the preferred parameters to achieve this. The presentation manner can also be selected. It might be a pie chart, for example, or histograms that enable the information to be organized how you choose. You may submit feeds to Google Analytics if you wish to simplify all. You may thus modify UTM settings and see the statistics at all times.

The creation of fields

It is great since there are no restricted fields on your feed. The menu may modify any field quickly. Change the field code only if you desire a direct change. If you do not know what the stream looks like, use the Preview function!


The addition of the Magento 2 product feed offers several ready-to-create and post-created grids on all the major sites. Naturally, they do the manner people like you are looking for on Google feed. This, however, is an example of a search engine, so that you may use any social web configuration to enhance the public interest in social media. A large number of people can benefit from this method. In addition, these pre-built templates include variables sufficient to run them so that you don’t have to add them anymore. It is really good to be ready for action when a thing is bought.

Notification System

This plugin contains a mechanism to inform you automatically when the product feeds are completed – an email sends you. This allows you to focus right now on topics you really care about. If you want to check your feeds, you may use the History page. Here are all changes. All changes. With the help of this feature, you can never forget or ignore anything essential.

Customizing feeds as you wish

feed preview

Furthermore, you may get pre-made patterns, which are simply unique shortcodes before modifying feeds to meet your requirements. The attributes and values are two types of call/editing codes available. You may modify these patterns with a number of adjustments such as utilizing PHP functions or an attribute code.

By clicking the symbol the menu that slides down may easily select certain designs. Use the preview to see how it appears and make your feed sleek, bright, and appealing. It is also useful.

Possible customization options:

  • Attributes. The development and modification of current features allow consumers to adapt a lot. Take every dynamic automation parameter you want to create. For instance, specify a specified shipping price for particular brands. This is quite beneficial in many cases.
  • Categories. It is quite important to make sure that your items are shown to the right clients. In other words, it is okay to exhibit children’s stuff to parents. The conversion rate is established since this is guaranteed. You just have to pick between several alternatives and your products are in the right category. This function guarantees the correct location of your feed
  • Variables. You can set variables in a few seconds with the PHP function to meet your current requirements. To supply your feed with enough information and detail you have to understand what you want just by looking at the feed: cost, number of products in stock, etc. Due to automatic changes in dynamic variables, you may update the feeds.



The best way to simplify any task is to ask an expert. That’s what the add-on truly offers. An important and time-saving feature is automatic operation. What can you do in this section:

  • Uploads are done automatically. Feeds no longer have to be manually uploaded because they may be processed by this module. Furthermore, you may set schedules if you need to send feeds on time. Click on the link to verify whether everything’s all right after you’re done.
  • Updates. It is essential that only actual information is contained in your feeds so that potential clients are not mistaken. This plugin provides several ways to keep your information up-to-date. As you know, schedules will help you. As a result, you don’t need to renovate your feed, as the extension knows what you want to perform.
  • You may reach it by using the URL. Take care of your feeds, check for unique URLs, and collect essential data for each feed. This wonderful function allows you to watch your feeds and to check the information that you wish to obtain from certain online tools. The file type depends on the service.


A lot of people generally underestimate the value of excellent food since they don’t know how it works. You now understand the value of the Magento 2 product feed plugin if you know more about these feeds. You may ignore the need to keep the product feed on your own with such an excellent and trustworthy additive. Furthermore, the results you obtain using Mirasvit’s add-on are significantly higher than any other approach. Everything at the best level will be optimized, automated, and organized! We feel it is one of the best products on the market in the present day, together with its impressive, devoted support, updates, and customer-friendly politics. The answer you have chosen now has a big impact on what will happen to you tomorrow. We thus consider this as our task — offering you the best options